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Gem Lace Wire-Wrapped Earrings Tutorial

I like working with wire and gemstones and needless to say I like wrapping wires around gemstones. I made earrings like this a few years ago using pearls and to this day I still have them and get a lot of compliments whenever I wear them. These earrings are super easy to make and the materials are fairly simple: 1 strand of round gemstone beads (between 2mm to 4mm) 10" - 12" sterling silver wire - 26 gauge  to 28 gauge, I prefer to use 26 gauge 2 large hole sterling silver beads (2mm -4mm) 2 sterling silver hooks Tools: flat nose pliers round nose pliers flush cutter The final size of the earrings is determined by the size of the gemstone beads.  Also, I listed round beads because they give the most symmetrical shapes when wire-wrapped. In addition to my round gemstones I made earrings using rice-shaped fresh water pearls and while the result is still lovely, the earrings were a bit more challenging to make because the size of each individual pearl has to be &q

Milestones that matter

I am very grateful for many things as I already celebrated a year as a certified artisan after four long years of waiting for the certification.  I have been a busy bee designing and making jewelry pieces that make my heart go pitter patter. After a few instances of trial and error I was able to secure a few venues to participate at the end of the year 2015 and have been actively participating in these events. Finally, this week I was able to get registered as an artisan with the PR Tourism Company! Since I've been busy working for the last few months, I'm sharing a few photos of my pretties! I never tire of taking photos of these rings! They always look great! Aluminum cuffs hand stamped with PR frases and sayings. A little video to show how amazing the flash in labradorite stones really is. My Hearts Galore collection! My latest design in my flower collection: Amapola. Life is good... in Sunny Puerto Rico!