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MariRu has a new logo!

I have been struggling for the last couple of years on how best to represent my brand.  Yep, I said brand.  I think that making jewelry is  something I love to do and having people like what I make with my own hands is such an amazing feeling; however, I want to be able to have a look that when people look at my creations and designs, they say: "Yep, that is a MariRu piece." Even though my vision was not completed I had the forethought to have uniformity in everything that I used to identify my little handmade jewelry business.  While I did not accomplish a cohesive presentation, I did have a bit of uniformity in my Etsy store as well as social media by using a photo of one of my favorite pieces of jewelry (made by me.) The actual photo the pendant looked like this: However, I just did not plain wanted to use the photo, so I decided to "deconstruct" the look of the pendant and this is the final result used for my e-store banner: While I liked the look