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MariRu has a new logo!

I have been struggling for the last couple of years on how best to represent my brand.  Yep, I said brand.  I think that making jewelry is  something I love to do and having people like what I make with my own hands is such an amazing feeling; however, I want to be able to have a look that when people look at my creations and designs, they say: "Yep, that is a MariRu piece." Even though my vision was not completed I had the forethought to have uniformity in everything that I used to identify my little handmade jewelry business.  While I did not accomplish a cohesive presentation, I did have a bit of uniformity in my Etsy store as well as social media by using a photo of one of my favorite pieces of jewelry (made by me.) The actual photo the pendant looked like this: However, I just did not plain wanted to use the photo, so I decided to "deconstruct" the look of the pendant and this is the final result used for my e-store banner: While I liked the look

I finally got my Artisan Certification in Puerto Rico

I am very excited to have finally gained my certification status as a Puerto Rican Artisan!  I have been trying since 2011 to achieve this and now I am so happy, excited and marveled by how easy, yet so painful the process was. There is actually a Law that governs the artisans in the island.  Known as Law Number 166 from August 11, 1995, this law defines what is an artisan, the categories of artisanal products, how the artisans are regulated and what agencies are in charge of doing so. More specifically, Puerto Rican artisanal pieces must be made in Puerto Rico, by a resident of Puerto Rico, made with materials found in Puerto Rico, hand made with original designs that represent Puerto Rican culture. There are over 30 categories of artisanal pieces. The certification lasts for five years, although artisans must go annually to receive a letter to be exempt from collecting IVU (local sales tax). The interested candidates must go to the Compania de Fomento Industrial (known locally as